Research, Strategy, and Evaluation Services

From planning to implementation, we can help you take a closer look at your portfolio, evaluate the impact of your grants, and create actionable strategies for your foundation’s future.

Philanthropy is evolving quickly, presenting new opportunities and challenges for grantmaking. Effective grantmaking strategy can help your organization meet these challenges and take action in meaningful, mission-driven ways. As your organization creates or refines its strategic approach to grantmaking, we can help you:

  • Assess your organization’s present strategy and culture, your team’s strengths, and opportunities for growth
  • Work with research and data to develop or enhance your grantmaking practice
  • Incorporate evaluation and continuous learning for deeper impact
  • Explore how strategic communications can help capture outcomes and advance your foundation’s impact
  • Create a path for professional development within your organization
  • Plan and manage capacity building programs to benefit your grantees

Like our grantmaker education and trainings, these services can be customized to your organization’s needs and goals. Working with the Johnson Center also gives foundations and donors access to a variety of other resources, including software to track grants, tools to visualize community and program data, and publications such as The Foundation Review.

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