Capacity Building for Grantees

Grants are just one part of strong philanthropy. Organizations with healthy teams and good tools are also key. We help grantmakers plan and manage grantee capacity building on strategic planning, fundraising, governance, and more.

We can help you plan and manage capacity building for your grantees on common issues, such as governance, fundraising, and evaluation. Our nonprofit services are tailored to the needs of grantees while relying on the latest national trends and research. We focus on organizational culture as well as building new skills and practices, with an approach that engages teams, introduces new tools, and sparks fresh thinking.

Most recently, we have worked with the Fremont Area Community Foundation, the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area, and the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan to provide professional development training and one-to-one capacity building with their grantees.

Capacity building made simple.
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