Archival Services

Storytelling is an essential part of philanthropy. It can help capture your foundation’s impact and also share lessons learned with other donors, foundations, and professionals in the field.

If you are working to capture and preserve your philanthropic story, the archival services available through Johnson Center can help. With the diverse expertise and rigor of our academic setting, combined with our deep firsthand knowledge of philanthropy, we guide donors and foundations through the complete archival process, including:

  • Introductory guidance and key questions for getting started, to better understand the archival process and how it can fit within your foundation’s culture and work
  • Oral history and recording services, to assist in identifying people with stories to tell, capturing those stories on video or in print as a book, and completing additional research and content as needed to prepare a more complete story of your philanthropy
  • Archival services, to organize your assets and stories and prepare them for safe-keeping over the long term, including archiving within the special collections at the Johnson Center

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