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What is VoiceKent?

VoiceKent 2017 includes responses from more than 4,800 residents.

VoiceKent (previously known as VoiceGR) is a county-wide survey about residents’ views and experiences related to health and well-being, discrimination and inclusion, and overall quality of life in Kent County, Michigan.

The aim of VoiceKent is to produce a reliable collection of data about Kent County residents that can be used by individuals and organizations to help them make discoveries and decisions about and for the local community.

Statements about a whole population can hide the different experiences of community members. For instance, 78% of all Kent County respondents, but only 66% of Hispanic and Latino/a respondents, reported in VoiceKent 2017 that they can afford to meet their basic needs. That gap is why VoiceKent data visualization tools and key results always allow for disaggregation — splitting up responses by different demographic subgroups — to make comparison easy.

When we use data to better understand the realities our neighbors face, we locate the starting point for change. We can target our programs, policies, funding strategies, advocacy efforts, and more for and with populations and places that need them most. We ensure that no one is overlooked or left behind by our collective efforts to do good.

Explore VoiceKent 2017 Survey Results

VoiceKent 2017 was powered by the Johnson Center and the Kent County Health Department.

Check out the VoiceKent 2017 Survey Results to explore key findings and trends. The Key Findings Data Brief provides a quick summary of community responses about life in Kent County — including experiences with racism, access to fruits and vegetables, health insurance, transportation, and other vital questions.

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Use the interactive Tableau Public Visualization Tool to visualize the data that’s most interesting to you or your organization. Create maps and charts using different demographic filters and compare responses and outcomes by subgroup, including:

  • Race/ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Geography/neighborhood
Click here to view the 2017 Key Findings PDF!

How is VoiceKent data used?

VoiceKent 2017 survey data is already helping to inform understanding and decision-making in West Michigan.

How are you using VoiceKent data?
Let us know and share your story by contacting jcp@gvsu.edu or using #VoiceKent on social media.

Our Community Partners

The VoiceKent survey would not be possible without the many dedicated community partners in Kent County who help us to spread the word about this survey and collect responses. Check out the full list of our community partners here.

Your Community. Your Voice.

We rely on the generous support of West Michigan partners to help identify community data needs and to ensure VoiceKent survey results and data tools can be made available to the public at no cost. To learn how you can be a part of this project, contact Rachel Borashko at rachel.borashko@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-9034.